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Palm Beach County:
Field Interview Report System

R&B built a stylish and inventive tool called the Field Interview Report for Florida’s Palm Beach’s Sheriff’s Office. Our creation assured that such an application would further improve ways to gather information on suspicious subjects and/or activity intended for use in conjunction with wide ranging evidence for the purpose of developing leads or patterns on a variety of criminal activity.

The field inquiry was based on the belief that the prospect questioning and process of attaining criminals would be made less complex-but also prevent the increase of crime with the number and frequency of individuals being interviewed.

Normally, a keyway an officer could increase his effectiveness is by obtaining information from persons frequenting his patrol area. Starting with the police activity, from investigating about a person’s identity to ultimately marking the suspect’s presence at an unusual time and/or place under suspicious circumstances. Imagine the sensitivity of the data being entered into the system!

Without this successful design, Data Entry and Customer Service proficiency would not be as effective, but R&B’s Field Interview Report System development supports the Sheriff’s Office in:

  • Documenting circumstances where officers find subjects in situations that are suspicious by nature but have no probable cause for arrest.
  • Inserting recorded information on subjects who are in the company of those previously arrested but have no probable cause for custody.
  • Providing a list of any related information exemplifying juveniles for minor offenses.
  • Maintaining a record of circumstances to include subjects and/or vehicles when a crime has occurred.

R&B was appreciative for this opportunity.

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